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Free Smog Checks

Free Smog Checks


Free Smog Checks near Las Vegas, NV

Want to know more about emissions testing in Las Vegas? Reliable Auto Sales offers free smog checks for customers in and near Las Vegas who want to make sure that their cars are running properly. Here's what you need to know about getting a smog check in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

Get a Smog Check Near Las Vegas

A smog check is used to measure the exhaust gases coming from your vehicle while it is operating.
The test measures for harmful byproducts, including hydrocarbons and other pollutants. It also includes a check to ensure that there are no leaks between your engine and your exhaust system that could be letting harmful gases escape before they can be properly filtered.

Lastly, a check is done to ensure that your gas cap properly seals to prevent fuel vapors from leaking out into the air.

Any vehicle built after 1968 must undergo annual smog checks before it can be registered again. New vehicles may be exempt from smog checks for the first one or two years of registration due to increasingly clean engine technology available in these models.

There are also smog check requirements for diesel vehicles and recreational vehicles in Las Vegas, Nevada depending on size and type. Motorcycles and electric vehicles are exempt from these tests. You should contact your local registration office if you are unsure of whether or not your vehicle needs to be tested.

How Long Does a Smog Check in Las Vegas Take?

A typical smog test only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This includes time to hook up the sensors that are used to perform the test. However, you should allow extra time in case there is a line of cars ahead of you.

If your car does not pass the smog test you will need to troubleshoot the issue until it is able to pass before you can register your vehicle.

Reliable Auto Sales

If you're getting ready to register your vehicle for this year, stop by Reliable Auto Sales in Las Vegas, NV today to get your free smog test. We will make sure that your car is ready to go so you can get in and out of registration without a problem. Our technicians are on hand to identify any issues with your car and get them fixed before you leave.

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