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Kia Cars For Sale near Las Vegas, Nevada

Kia is one of the most successful car brands in the United States, and this is due to a great marketing campaign backed by the excellent quality and competitive pricing. The amazing achievement here is that Kia increased their market share by more than 300 percent since the early 2000s. So what happened that made Kia so popular?

Specifically Tailored

Kia Motors introduced a strategy many foreign car companies since implemented for the U.S. market; specific models available and tailored for North America alone. This proved to be the right move, and the latest Kia models hold their finger on the pulse of American car owners better than some domestic car companies. Everything from design to mechanical solutions, from marketing to pricing is geared towards needs and habits of the drivers in North America, creating a line of vehicles that offer comfort, reliability, style, and competitive pricing.

Re-Sale Value

Used car dealerships in Las Vegas owe plenty of their business to Kia models, and this is mainly because of the build quality. Since Kia keeps updating their models every couple of years, used Kia vehicles can often be found in excellent shape and for a very reasonable price. We at Reliable Auto Sales offer a number of certified pre-owned Kia models, many of which are still under factory warranty. Seeing as many of the Kia dealerships in Las Vegas are booming with the sales of new models, used Kia's are affordable and offer excellent value for money.

Advantages of Pre-Owned Kia over a New One

Kia vehicles come with the excellent factory warranty that is valid for years. That means getting a used Kia is safer than getting other pre-owned cars as it holds less risk, better customer protection, and, due to a plethora of models and variations, a staggering amount of choice regarding style, color, technical specs, and other things. It is also considerably cheaper to get a pre-owned Kia, but there are no quality drawbacks as most of these cars are in excellent shape even after years in service. The biggest thing when it comes to buying a reliable used Kia is the plethora of choice. Here are a couple of models we offer right now:

  • Optima
  • Forte
  • Soul

We have an excellent selection of used Kia models, and the best way to really assess and comprehend advantages of these cars is to test drive them and get to know the specific details regarding the car and the offer itself. Visit us at our Las Vegas location and schedule a test drive where our courteous staff can walk you through the car specs and the details of the offer.

Used Kia Vehicles Near You

Ready to purchase your next car? Stop by Reliable Auto Sales, where we have the right car for you from the top car manufacturers. Visit us in Las Vegas for a test drive or give us a call, one of our associates will gladly help you with whatever you may need!

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