Special Offers


Special Financing

Options for credit forgiveness

3.99% APR for 24 months with 25% Down.

6.99% APR for 48 months with 20% Down.

Maximum loan amount up to $15,000.

All sales based on MSRP pricing and can not include any other coupons or discounts from any other promotion or cash prices.

This promotion is for credit forgiveness customers or any customer that wishes to meet the above mentioned criteria with cash down, 36 or 48 months financing program options and MSRP pricing.

Reliable Auto Sales will offer all customers on this program the option of gap insurance, up to 4 years warranty and a 3 year maintenance program.

Reliable Auto Sales will still offer all NAIDA CPO warranty options and lifetime warranty options. vehicles up to 8 yrs old, and under 100k miles eligible for financing on this program

**To all customers, Reliable Auto Sales reserve the right to cancel or modify this promotion at anytime and without notice**


Oil Change Coupons

Oil Change Coupons

Our Service Department at Reliable Auto Sales knows that our Las Vegas Pre-Owned consumers want to maintain their Pre-Owned vehicles and change their oil based on their Pre-Owned vehicle maintenance schedule, but they don't want to drive all around Las Vegas, Henderson, St. George UT, and Laughlin looking for Pre-Owned oil change coupons. 
We want to make it easy for our customers to keep their Pre-Owned cars, trucks, and minivans in good-working order and get their oil changed at whatever the appropriate Pre-Owned recommended schedule is for their vehicle. 

Pre-Owned Synthetic Oil Changes 

While we typically use conventional oil in our Las Vegas Pre-Owned Oil changes, we can also provide synthetic oil options for Las Vegas Pre-Owned drivers who have higher performance models that either recommend or require a higher grade oil. While synthetic oil changes typically cost more, because the oil is generally more expensive, the oil needs to be changed less frequently, which means less Pre-Owned oil disposal in the areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, St. George UT, Laughlin for Pre-Owned drivers. 

Pre-Owned Oil Change Specials 

While our Pre-Owned service department provides deeply discounted Las Vegas oil changes, we also provide frequent specials to our regular Las Vegas Pre-Owned service department customers. If you sign up for a Las Vegas Pre-Owned service appointment , you will start to receive our email Pre-Owned oil change specials and coupons. 

Pre-Owned Oil Change Deals 

Our Service department at Reliable Auto Sales tries to keep on top of other oil change providers in the Las Vegas area. 
We check on pricing at the national chain stores to make sure that we are providing very competitive Las Vegas oil change pricing, using Pre-Owned certified mechanics to give great value to our Pre-Owned service department customers from Henderson to St. George UT and Las Vegas.

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