Used cars in Las Vegas


Options for credit forgiveness

3.99% APR for 36 months with 25% Down.

6.99% APR for 48 months with 20% Down.

Maximum loan amount up to $15,000.

All sales based on MSRP pricing and can not include any other coupons or discounts from any other promotion or cash prices.

This promotion is for credit forgiveness customers or any customer that wishes to meet the above mentioned criteria with cash down, 36 or 48 months financing program options and MSRP pricing.

Reliable Auto Sales will offer all customers on this program the option of gap insurance, up to 4 years warranty and a 3 year maintenance program.

Reliable Auto Sales will still offer all NAIDA CPO warranty options and lifetime warranty options. vehicles up to 8 yrs old, and under 100k miles eligible for financing on this program

**To all customers, Reliable Auto Sales reserve the right to cancel or modify this promotion at anytime and without notice**

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Acura (1)
Audi (5)
BMW (8)
Buick (1)
Cadillac (8)
Chevrolet (18)
Chrysler (3)
Dodge (10)
Ford (28)
GMC (6)
Honda (9)
Hyundai (12)
Jeep (2)
Kia (6)
Land Rover (1)
Lexus (15)
Lincoln (2)
Maserati (5)
Mercedes-Benz (37)
Mitsubishi (1)
Nissan (10)
Oldsmobile (1)
Pontiac (1)
Porsche (2)
Ram (3)
Saab (1)
Subaru (2)
Toyota (10)
Volkswagen (21)